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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cracking Down on Dirty Agents

There has been a long time debate on whether or not athletes at the college level should be financially compensated for their participation in sports. These sports generate millions for the schools that they play for. Many think that the athletes should be compensated because they are essentially the lifeblood of the sports that they play and millions are made off of their talent and hard work. Others feel that a free education is enough. The current NCAA rule prohibits players from receiving any “extra benefits” but whenever there is a scandal it seems as if the players suffer the majority of the consequences. Where is the justice for the other parties involved? If a coach is involved, he may be fired or fined but we have seen start over with another program.

According to the following articles, a new legislation will soon change all that. The newly passed Texas legislation is cracking down on dirty sports agents with punishments of jail time. Check em out.