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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Digital Landscape for Advertisers

While television still dominates as the most effective mass-market format, the digital landscape for advertisers is growing very rapidly.   According to Kantar Media intelligence, the digital media’s share of the world ad market has more than doubled since 2006.  In 2006, digital media represented just 8 percent of the market. In seemingly no time, digital media advertising now represents over 17% of the total world advertising market.
One of the main problems with the Internet and the mindset of on-demand programming is that the viewer/potential consumer is trained to skip over annoying ads.  This is why a lot of banner and pop-up style advertisements have become nearly obsolete.  The target audience must be engaged in a manner that is conducive to the message being welcomed by the consumers.  The Internet’s explosive growth has led to a demand for creative advertising on the Web.  Advertisements must fully exploit the strengths of the Internet medium and extend the audience engagement in ways that TV can’t.
The new target audience is beginning to go to the Internet for on demand programming.  As companies like Netflix and YouTube continue to grow, they continue to captivate massive audiences while advertisements are creatively woven through the content featured on these sites.   Whether it’s a music video or an interactive game, corporations of all shapes and sizes are competing to make meaningful impressions on new consumers.  After all, advertising is any time a sponsor pays to deliver a message through a medium.  The possibilities for branding and activation are endless.        
The following is a link to an interesting article that addresses the future of digital media: